Frequently asked questions: Service


  • I am dissatisfied with my order?

    Of course we try to do everything in our power to handle your order with the best possible care. In case you're dissatisfied, please let us know. Send us an email at and include a photograph of the package or product in question, we'd be happy to solve the problem for you.

  • I have a complaint
    At USfoodz we care about customer satisfaction through good service. If you still have a bad experience with our service, please let us know. You can send your complaint to You always get an answer and solution within 2 working about your complaint.
  • When do I receive my refund?

    You can expect the reimbursement within 5 business days on your bank account after cancellation of your order or if you expect a refund. Keep a processing time of 3 weeks in mind if you paid with a credit card.

  • The amount of my reimbursement is different.
    The amount may differ from the item price if you used an action discount or a gift card.
  • How can I return a product?
    If you want to return an item, please send an e-mail to In this e-mail you indicate that you wish to return a purchase and the reason why. You will receive a return instruction within two working days.

    After receiving your order, you have 7 days to exchange or return your products. This is only possible if the products are complete, unused and undamaged./div>