USA Import Only

This quality mark stands for the assurance that all products are directly imported from the United States. It is a guarantee we are sincerely proud of. We at USfoodz know like no other what the difference is between the authentic 'American' taste and products which are produced in another country. Even though these products have the same packaging and in some cases are a bit cheaper, we refuse to make concessions to that principle that gives us our sole purpose. That is also the reason why you choose USfoodz, and that means US food only.

All the processes in the supply chain - from the initial order to the delivery in our warehouse - are strictly monitored, in order to control the quality. To carry our wide product assortment, we maintain close contacts with the various suppliers in the United States. Almost every week a container is shipped from the port of San Francisco with the most delicious American food. Once arrived in the Netherlands these products are subjected to import taxes. Due to these import taxes, the cost of the products increases. We regard this as the price for guaranteed authenticity.

Authenticity is all that counts. A principle we will always continue to uphold.